100 THINGS – 2017

Edit: Highlighted was my 2017 edit. A reader reminded me of this tiny page that I made several years ago. So much have changed and it was touching and fun to reminisce my old 100 THINGS sort of about me page. I’m smiling just by thinking all the editing I’m going to make. Let’s have some fun!

Realized that this was first published 5 years ago! That was too long ago! How time flew!

1. I am Feby Ann Buan Valerio. Please, try not to misspell my name. It is very simple, don’t be hard on yourself. Still the same name, still being misspelled.

2. I’m seventeen. But still act like I’m three. Just turned 22! Still inclined to act like a 3-year old.

3. 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student at Bataan Peninsula State University. Licensed Mechanical Engineer whoop whoop! And now undergoing training at my dream company! Living the life!

4. Proud Filipina and Kapampangan. Always proud of my roots.

5. Youth at the Church Upon The Rock United Methodist Church. I’m still qualified as a Youth right? Hope so.

6. Certified bookworm. Planning to be a bibliophile. Back to reading books hurrah! Been finishing at least one book in a weekend.

7. Corny as a corn. Less of a corn and more of a cheese? Nah corn>>>everything.

8. 5″ something’. HAHAHA. Didn’t had the chance to grow a few precious inches.

9. I am beautiful cause God made me according to his image. Amen!

10. I can sing. Try me.

11. I can dance. Missing dancing 😦

12. I can act. Act stupid and act that I’m okay.

13. I can’t draw. Artistic streak still missing.

14. I can eat a lot and gain nothing. Gaining! Rapidly! Must stop eating like there is no tomorrow!

15. I am talkative. Less now because adulting.

16. I have braces. Gone are the braces!

17. I love tweeting about nothing at particular. Back also to tweeting. Mostly retweeting inspirational reminders.

18. I plan on deactivating my Facebook account because of boredom. Uninstalled my FB app because why not.

19. I have tons of friends. Ditched the tons and embraced the true ones 🙂

20. I have a brother named Ferdan who will be taller than me after a few years. Also, he’s annoying. Taller than me now and less annoying brother is what I have.

21. I look like my father. With a few hints of my mom here and there.

22. I love taking pictures of myself in private. Not anymore. Too creepy!

23. I love taking pictures of anything in public. Photography in progress.

24. I don’t buy books. I read e-books because once I read a book, I don’t want to repeat it. Too many series that I saved money from.

25. I am always underweight. Normal weight yahoo! Bordering on fat but so what.

26. I love watching Glee. And I hate Rachel’s guts. Glee has ended and Finn died accidentally in real life. Haven’t even watched the final season! 

27. I love America’s Next Top Model especially Tyra Banks. This show also ended.

28. I like watching cartoons. Cartoons still glue me to the TV with no fail.

29. I love the color pink and all things Barbie. Loving but not obsessing.

30. I am a scholar. Graduated a scholar and I feel so honored to finish as a scholar.

31. I’ve never been to another country. Soon, hopefully.

32. My birthday is on April 3, 1995. For the rest of this lifetime.

33. I like writing stories. Sad stories, unfortunately.

34. I like music. Been filtering the type of music I listen to. Staying away from explicit rap and rnb.

35. I recently cut my hair short which I’ll post later. Growing out my hair for 6 months now.

36. I take the meaning of songs seriously. Still do and the lyrics these days are so feels!

37. I hate lizards. Cold reptiles and their unblinking eyes.

38. I can cross-stitch. Been a while!

39. I’m very shy. Gained a bit of confidence after all I have been through. Still insecure about my appearance though.

40. I’m not good at blogging. Trying to, at least.

41. Single. This made me laugh. Why would I put this here and not cringe inside. 

42. I love kids. My happiness!

43. I put eyeliner on my eye sometimes but it’s only for me to see. Been so long! Though I have been using face creams for a while now. 

44. I laugh easily. And I laugh really loud. Afraid to be too happy because sadness always comes after. Though moving past that!

45. I love eating pastas. And generally all food.

46. I love salty foods. Not anymore! Health consciousness is the key to a longer life!

47. I’m not into sweet stuffs. Sometimes. Still stops after a few bites.

48. I wear baggy clothes. Baggy and comfy!

49. I wear converse instead of heels. Heels are a pain.

50. I wear back packs instead of shoulder bags. Usability and also to prevent further damage to my scoliosis.

51. I think I have ADHD. I have my episodes.

52. I daydream a lot. Mostly reminiscing what could have been. But looking forward to the future!

53. I can’t seem to replace my phone which is with me for the past four years. Phone’s been replaced once and with an ongoing relationship with it for three years now.

54. I’m not rich. Rich with love, absolutely!

55. I love talking to myself. Psycho-analyzing and hearing myself talk about my ideas sometimes help in organizing them.

56. I love scribbling to myself. Doing less of this because of modern tech. That’s actually sad.

57. I love milk and coffee. Milk not vanilla flavored stuff and not that sweet coffee.

58. I love Phillip Phillips even though I’m supposed to love Jessica Sanchez cause she’s a Filipino. AI ended and I still cling to past music and singers.

59. I’m a easy-go-lucky person. Still have that tiny rebellious part of me 😉

60. I am a Dean’s Lister for two consecutive semesters. And a few more semesters after that. 

61. I’m not good at multi-tasking. Trying to! But I heard that multi-tasking is actually counter-productive so I think I’m good.

62. I suck at Math. I’m not very good in English either. Accepting that I have improved in both fields.

63. I let my friends call me Pey. Collected a few nicknames but this one is still my favorite.

64. I am very polite especially to those who are older than me. Old habits die hard.

65. I get annoyed easily. My patience has grown as I have grown older.

66. I’m a night owl. Proud member of the night club!

67. I don’t eat breakfast. Learned how to, now can’t live without it. Most important meal of the day (second is dessert)!

68. I love pandesal from Pan de Manila. And their Cheese Stick Pesto thingy!

69. I suck at blow drying. My hair’s a bird’s nest.

70. I love watching dance movies. Step Up is my life!

71. Love stories which are so sweet makes me gag. Or cry. Still have mixed emotions about love stories. Contradicting, always conflicted.

72. I never watch horror movies as much as possible. Afraid of the aftermath dreams.

73. I hate boring films where people only talk. Some films are actually worth it.

74. I love Agnes of Despicable Me. And tons others of animated characters!

75. I am sensitive. And tries real hard to not show it.

76. I hate being lied to. I mean, who doesn’t?

77. I do not own a digital camera or SLR. I own a blue laptop. Now with a purple phone and pink instant camera. I really love colorful things.

78. I want to buy a Montero Sport,  Lancer EX, Hiace Super Grandia, Yaris, and Audi someday. Isuzu MU-X added to the list! Scratching out Montero Sport.

79. I’m planning on being rich and buying an island. Onto smaller things first, like treating my whole clan with buckets upon buckets of Jollibee ChickenJoy.

80. I’m a moody person. Trying to reign it in because #mature.

81. I’m childish. Only to those who really know me. I need people to take me seriously now.

82. Small things bring me happiness. Still do. Will not lose this!

82. I cry easily. My breakdowns are limited to twice (max!) per month. More so if I’m watching K-Dramas.

83. I do not know how to play any instrument except a xylophone. A bit of guitar and drums?

84. I can braid my own hair. My hands are so attuned to this that I don’t even have to think about it.

85. I do not want my nails long. I often hurt myself because of scratching with long nails.

86. I love cheese. Cheese makes the world happy!

87. I’m lazy most of the time. Lazy on the weekends only!

88. I hate washing the dishes. Learned to actually love this! It’s therapeutic! 

89. I wish for world peace. So much darkness around the world 😦 Still praying for everyone’s safety though!

90. It’s hard for me to smile without showing my teeth cause I look stupid. Found out I have a condition causing me to have a lot of teeth! So that’s why.

91. I hate myself for being insecure and jealous. Trying real hard to not do this and succeeding one excruciatingly small step at a time.

92. I admire people who have talents. Still amazed how God has blessed everyone with talents!

93. I have trust issues. Still do.

94. I do believe in magic. Magic makes life exciting!

95. I love watching shows about fashion but I’m not that fashionable. And watching make-up tutorials! Dunno why though.

96. I never win. But that’s okay 🙂

97. I am stubborn. Aries represent! I believe in my ideals too much especially if I really thought about them.

98. I am a blabber mouth. Nope. Grew out of this bad habit.

99. I study hard. Studying til understanding dawns.

100. I’m having my doubts with finding my true love. Hoping… when God deems me ready.


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