My Heart Faery Chapter 1 – Take Off

Nobody seemed to notice my absence because no one’s been at my tail. For the past few hours, I’ve been trekking and walking downhill to reach the walls that separate me from my sweet-frosted freedom. Flying is not an option, for the Guardians will immediately locate me. Teleportation is another option but I’m afraid that it will drain me the energy I’ll need for survival. There is always the car to rely on but I am not comfortable with closed areas. All faeries are claustrophobic.

I strained my elf ears to listen to my surroundings. There is the occasional scurrying of the forest animals but other than that, nothing. I sigh in relief. I hope I’ll get to the walls without any encounters with unfriendly allies. Well, they were my allies yesterday. I’m sure they’ve sworn to kill me on sight now.

I am Ventricaracoa Kidackagasch Hea, crowned princess of the Heartfelt Kingdom, which is HK or Hong Kong for you mortals, next in line of being queen of all heart faeries. But I left.


Because I can’t stand it anymore! I’ve seen and heard enough to come to my senses and abandon all their wrong doings. I know, I’m supposed to be queen, but being queen doesn’t change the nature of my people. Heart faeries are heartless. They are the worst of all faeries. They feed from mortal heartaches. They make every mortal’s life miserable. They are the reason why mortals succumb to the peaceful allure of death.

But I am different. I am not like my people. I do not feed from heartaches. I feed from the happiness that comes from mortal’s heart. It’s what they call true love. Heart faeries with royal blood feed from true love. It is a rare gift our ancestors received long before I was born. It may be a gift back then, but it feels like a curse right now because true love is hard to find. And I’m beginning to feel weak.

This weakness is what our enemies long for. That is why we keep our gift to ourselves. No ones to ever speak of it outside the castle walls. Many tried to get Mother to give up the crown but they never succeeded because Mother is the most powerful royal ever born in the kingdom. And I have to live to that expectation.

Speaking of Mother, I wonder how she’s dealing with this right now. She is still capable of ruling Heartfelt Kingdom but as a tradition, after her 500th year of service, she must transfer her crown to her oldest daughter. But her oldest daughter died a week ago. My sister Esmeralda perished because she refused to feed. She said that it was an abomination to feed from true love while the kingdom is feasting on heartaches. So she starved herself to death. It was awful seeing her like that, refusing to feed and looking sickly and sickly as the days passed. Mother could not do anything to convince her and so she died without tasting true love. That leaves everything to me. Mother announced the very same day my sister died that I would be the next queen to rule Heartfelt Kingdom. The people were appalled because they have never seen me before. Being second in line to the crown doesn’t mean anything so I did not made any public appearances when my sister was still alive. I know they loved my sister and I hoped that they’ll love me too. I am not disappointed when everyone clapped, cheered and shouted my name after a few. I then realized that this is not bad after all, being queen and ruling this kingdom maybe a fun thing to do.

But of course, I was wrong.

When I learned that I’ll be feeding from true love, I was astonished. Learning what you feed from is something we know when our parents wanted to. I remember that day very well, the day I attempted suicide. Mother went to my room bearing the news. It was a week after my sister’s death and everyone is busy preparing for the burial. I am waiting for one of my servants to fetch me from my room when Mother entered the door carrying a box. I first thought that the box contained my sister’s remains. She placed the box in front of me then left. That’s it. She left me to fend for myself. I opened the box revealing a blinding flash of light. In an instant, I found myself in a white room with writings on the wall. The writings were first unreadable and unrecognizable but after I concentrated, the writings became clear. It is written in the ancient language of faeries. Royal bloods were the only ones who can read this so when someone who is not a Royal accidentally transports himself here, he would just be looking at something unintelligible. There I saw what my sister once saw. That we must feed on true love and we should keep it a secret or else we may fail the kingdom. I think I blacked out after that. I can’t imagine feeding on true love! I’ll die before I’ll have a little taste of it! These and some more unimaginable things entered my mind at the same moment. Death was the only escape back then, so I tried to challenge death. But one of the servants saw me and immediately brought me to the healer. Heart fairies can heal themselves when they have fed well. But I did not have any true love to feed from. True love is scarce in this world.

After healing, Mother scolded me and locked me in my chamber until further notice. I could not take the enclosed space anymore so I left.

I left to find true love. Not because of the happiness it brings, but because it is what will keep me alive.



Tell me what you think. It is very much appreciated.


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