Darn Heat

I woke up today at 1pm feeling giddy because my Papa’s gonna come back from Saudi later today. I don’t even want to wake up, I still feel sleepy because I slept at 2am. Why? Blame twitter. He keeps me awake. Also, those theme packs and movies I downloaded.

As I am watching the TV after eating a greasy meal, Mama delivered the news to me. My neighbor/ ex-classmate/ schoolmate/ friend’s dad died, just today. I was shocked because his dad’s still young and looked so strong. Mama said that he died from heat stroke. Darn heat, my friend will now be fatherless because of you. He lost his twin brothers when he was young and now his father. Fate, why so cruel?

Let’s all pray for my friend’s dad spirit. Also, let’s pray that God will give them strength to surpass this challenge in their lives. Amen.

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