First Upshot

For my first attempt at friendship bracelet making, I tried the Heart under the Intermediate Level. I know, I’m supposed to start as a beginner but I think that it’s childish to really start at those patterns, but they’re cute, they’re just too easy for a seventeen-year-old girl like myself. So I tried it and this is the result.

It won’t fit anyone’s wrist because I lacked threads. When I bought the book, it contained threads of different colors that were meant to be used once. I just want to get it started with so I tried to finish atleast one pattern. So this is what I got, a work of art, a masterpiece. I think I’m getting very artistic as time pass, which is a rare thing because I’m not artistic to start with.

I’ll start doing my friends’ request after I bought the right color of threads that were needed for their bracelet. A lot of blues, pinks, greens, purples, and more white.

I’ll post the pieces I will finish. I’ll try to make decent bracelets. 🙂


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