Mt. Samat Adventure

Earlier today, we went to Mt. Samat at Diwa, Pilar, Bataan. It is one of the tourist attractions here in Bataan because it is the site of the “Dambana Of Kagitingan”. It was really fun because I acted as the tour guide for my Papa, Mama, younger brother, and Tita because it’s their first time there. It was my second time, you know. My first time was with my college friends earlier this year. It was pretty fun back then cause we walked the whole way going down and we used this short cut inside the forest. Then we recorded it using Ali’s camera phone saying “This is the Hunger Games”.

I feel so superior (I’m like, yeah so whut?) leading them to the right way going up the mountain. I even tricked them a bit when going down. Then we went up the cross using the elevator. My Mama and Tita were giggling all the way to the top cause they were afraid of heights. Here are some pictures (which are not so clear cause we don’t have a camera with us).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I thank God for making this possible. I was afraid were not gonna make it cause our vehicle is not that suitable for these kinds of trips but we made it. Prayers are powerful.


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