Welcome to the Coffee World!

May 26, 2012 is a date to remember for me. Why? Well I can now say that I am human cause I’ve been to a coffee shop for the first time! Yeah, I know its silly that after 17 years of breathing Earth’s oxygen I now know what the insides of a coffee shop are. The truth is, I’m shy to go to coffee shops cause I always thought that only rich people go there(which I am not). Also, I do not always have money to spare for some coffee.

Frappe. It’s funny how I do not know what that is and how it is pronounced. I’m so dumb.

So, we went to Beanery 2 (second installment of Beanery on our place). I asked Sare, Aryan, Bea, and Maybel to join me. It was my treat. I just made a big mistake of not inviting other TB. I have my reasons which I thought were reasonable but now I’m having my doubts. I should have invited them all. The problem was, my money was not enough for all of them and also there was another reason that was really nonsense.

They ordered(it was my first time so I do not know what to order. I trust them that much) nachos, lasagna, and blueberry cheesecake(for me! yay!) and their own drinks(is this the appropriate term? dunno). They got me a Jell-O Freeze which at first I thought was Jelly Fish. It was okay. I liked it.

After finishing everything, we went in search of a KTV bar. It was a long walk from the coffee shop to the mall but we restrained ourselves from riding in the tricycle to help our metabolism(at least, that was I thought). Then we got to Wonderpark and sang. It was fun. Even if all the notes were all over the place. No one was shy. Maybe oe of us will be the next American Idol? LOL.

After 30 minutes(it was all that we can afford), we went to our former adviser’s house. I love going to that house cause I can be myself there. I love talking to Ma’am Vhie. She understands everything! The cats were a bonus. I’ll own their child soon. Hopefully.

Picture time! I have no time to organize them and some of the photos I uploaded did not appear. Boo.

Enjoy! πŸ™‚

(Notice my hair? It took me an hour to blow dry that! I really have to learn the art of blow drying.)


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