First Day Stillness

There was nothing special about my first day of school as a second year stud. As in nothing. Nada. Zero. Nil.
Nought. Zilch.

First of all, I was late, which was so not unusual cause Late is my middle name. I was later than usual due to my lack of expertise in blow drying and the fact that I ate breakfast(consisting of half a cup of rice and a piece of cooked ham which tasted like cardboard). Also, the driver of the jeepney I rode drove slowly and stopped at all of the waiting sheds even if there’s no one there. One more reason of me being late was I had to walk a little longer than necessary because the gate I normally get in was closed(they’re renovating the building near it) and the other gate nearest to our building was only intended for vehicle entrance so I had to use the gate farthest from CEA and walk the longest(ever!) route to my first class.

When I got there(finally!), I did not felt any excitement or anything. I was actually emotionless. I was neither happy nor sad. I was just “Okay, let’s just get this over with.” I don’t know. It was cruel, I know, but that was what I felt. It was like I did not missed any of them. I now they’ll be angry at me if they’re gonna read this but I was just being honest. I think I’m not that attached to them to actually miss them.

I was chattering with my seatmate(Arc Louie Elly Santos Guanzon) when I noticed that we have company. Yeah, we have new classmates. We have a few from the third section last year and a few from the General Engineering section. They look harmless enough. I hope we’ll get along well. I’m hoping to meet new friends that I’ll be keeping forever.

The first class went by pretty lame. The instructor did not even graced us with her presence. So we went to our next class and waited. To our surprise, our next instructor did not attend our class.

We had a 2-hour break where we ate lunch at KFC and sang at a KTV bar near the plaza. We went back to the campus for our next class and guess what? No instructor arrived. We had another break for an hour that we spent on eating and talking. We head to our next class and were informed that our schedule was mixed up and we were in the wrong place. We did not made things right, instead we went home.

See? Loser day.



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