Falling In

This is my essay to be passed tomorrow on out English subject. Does it have unity and coherence? Because that was the assignment. Oh well. I should write this on a piece of paper already. I need some sleep. HAHA.

One of the problems of teens today is that they fall in and out of love easily. They are being blinded by the allure of today’s generation’s version of love. They believe that being with someone who is a member of the opposite sex makes them part of the clique. Moreover, they think that love is just as easy as buying milk in the grocery.

What then? They get into a relationship without their parent’s permission. They worship the person they thought they love and buy them expensive presents using their school allowances. Furthermore, they spend every waking moment of their life beside the person they adore instead of going to school. In addition to this, they dedicate their nights to texting nonstop than studying for a test. All of these results to being a school drop-out.  But it’s a good thing for them because they will have all the time in the world to do deeds with their one true love. Then bam! Unwanted pregnancy, STDs like HIV and Hepatitis, and even Aids come their way. What will they do next? They’ll tell their one true love the news and they will be dumped instantly. Teens that are dumped often succumb to depression. They cry and whine for months about how they don’t deserve this and that. The worse thing they can do is commit suicide.  And all of this is because they fell in love with the wrong person at the wrong time.

So teens, be warned. Be wise. Don’t wear your heart in your sleeve.   


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