Queen Of Babble Gets Hitched (Queen Of Babble #3)

ImageRumor has it that the Queen of Babble is getting married–or is she? Find out in the highly anticipated third installment in the delightfully charming series from the “New York Times”-bestselling author. (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2068676.Queen_of_Babble_Gets_Hitched)

The last instalment of the Queen of Babble series ended with a bang. The turn of events was really surprising and quite good, really. I was very glad (but I admit, a bit sad too) when Lizzie broke up with “Prince” Luke. If I were her, I’d ended the thing with Luke on the second book. I know he’s, well sorta, perfect but that doesn’t mean he’s the perfect one for me (or for Lizzie, for that matter). But I could really use the money. LOL.

I want to congratulate Lizzie for finally (finally! IKR) owning her own business (with a little help, of course). She did it. I wish I could too. Sigh.

I also loved the idea of Chaz. Imagine if Shari did not turn out into a lesbo (sorry for the language)? Then Lizzie would be stuck with Luke who doesn’t even know who she really is. I also loved Chaz’ attitude towards things (considering he’s getting his PhD in Philosophy, which, I would like to add, was so cool).

I just wish Gran did not have to die. She was one of the characters I’ve grown to love.

“What happens when you assume? You make an Ass of U and Me.”  -Lizzie

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