Shadowland (Mediator #1)

ImageThe first five books in Cabot’s exciting series–previously published under the pen name Jenny Carroll–about a teenage girl who communicates with the dead are now reissued. (

I’ve read this book before I had the chance to read Queen of Babble In The Big City (Queen Of Babble #2) because of some technical problems (translation: can’t install e-book on mobile phone cause the poor thing’s so old). So I basically forgot what I had read (I don’t know. I think I have a short-term memory thingy or something). Kidding. I still remember things because it was the first book.

For example, I remember Suze (only Father Dominic and Jesse call her Susannah, according to what I remember so far) is a mediator which I’ve never heard before. Meg Cabot definitely is a genius for thinking a name for these talents. Okay, I admit I’m not that of a fan of ghost-busting novels because I easily get afraid but putting humor and girl power in these kinds of novels makes it tolerable (it was more than tolerable, really, it was amusing).

Going back, she was admitted in this very private school because a girl died (here comes the memory loss. I don’t remember her name). Being a mediator and all that made her see this ghost of the girl who was very angry. She committed suicide when her boyfriend broke up with her so she wanted to kill her EX-boyfriend so that they will be together again. Crazy huh? What made things worse was that her ex-boyfriend (who I forgot the name) decided to date Suze.

Then all hell broke loose.

“I ran so fast than later, Sister Mary Claire, the track coach, asked me if I’d like to try out for the team.” –Susannah Simon


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