I’ve been seeing Thor jokes everywhere since, well, since I booted up my blue laptop early this evening. Facebook have made a good job of entertaining millions of people with Thor jokes that some people (who has no better way of spending their precious time) made. It was really annoying. Especially the people who liked it and even shared it. It’s funny, yes, but give it a rest! The funny part of it has long died and it was simply a waste of space. Many people have heard it already so stop. It’s overrated. Just, stop.

If you haven’t seen one Thor joke, you’re lucky (in a good way or a bad way? I dunno). I have here some Thor jokes I got from Google. I just typed Thor Jokes and got about 929,000 results (0.16 seconds). See? That’s how insane it was!

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I admit it, I laughed at some but I truly feel sorry about Thor. I was thinking if the actor who played the part of Thor at The Avengers (Chris Hemsworth) has any thoughts about these Thor jokes.


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