The Demigod Files

ImageFeaturing original short stories, puzzles, and games, this companion guide to Riordan’s “New York Times”-bestselling Percy Jackson and the Olympians series also includes interviews and advice. Consumable. (

Having a great obsession with Rick Riordan’s books, I read this. It was a book about the Percy Jackson series. I’ve read the series and still am waiting for the next book which is “The Mark of Athena”. I can’t wait for that book. My hands are itching to get that piece of work. And I’m supposed to read it faster than my classmate (Hey Darren! Again!) because I’m competitive that much.

Anyways, the Demigod Files is a little something. It has three short stories about the demigods (mostly Percy cause he’s that powerful). It also has some interviews with the main characters (including Percy because he’s that popular).

The short stories were entertaining. I never thought I’ll miss those characters.

“The magic word is puke.” – Percy Jackson

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