Meme @ 18 (July 08, 2012)

The oldest among TB, Maybelline Ann Patane Malixi celebrated her 18th birthday last July 8. Actually, we celebrated it.

Things were really better left unplanned.

Weeks before the said celebration, we were already planning what to do for her birthday. She wanted to have an overnight stay at a resort where we could eat, drink, and party all night. We also planned the things we will be doing to spend our night (like play dress up, movie marathon, card games, and basically shit talking). It was really fun to plan things like that. I have imagined what it would be like to be with your truest friends all night. It would be crazy, but it will be an experience that will last a life time.

But tragedy struck (dramatic much?). On the day before her birthday, she texted us that there will be no celebration but she’ll treat us next time. It was sad, you know, seeing all of your plans crumble to ruins. But we never lose hope. We said to ourselves that even if there is no resort to party, no sleep over to attend, there will be a celebration for one of God’s most precious creations, Meme.

A little trivia: I was the one who named Maybel Meme. Long story short, it was just a conversation in FB that invented Meme and Bebe. I’m Bebe, by the way. It came from Maybel which is pronounced as Mey-bel. Mine came from Feby, Fe-bi.

We were planning on having a mini musical and some tableaus but we ran out of time and didn’t have the chance to practice. So our last resort was the tarpaulin (which I posted the photo we used earlier). We got it printed (for a very low price which I was so shocked I even bought some burgers and fries to celebrate. Nah. That was just me being hungry) and I left it to Jazille because I was supposed to go home to Pampanga to attend the Christening of my nephew on the next day. That’s how good life is to me, two celebrations (meaning free food) in a day. The travel back and forth was definitely worth it.

After eating in an Eat-All-You-Can buffet, I waited for my family to gather our things and head back to Bataan. It took us two hours to travel so I got at Meme’s house at around 6 in the evening. When I got there, I was surprised to see these decorations (Meme explained that her classmates have also given her a surprise birthday celebration earlier that day and a little road trip from her other friends). I gave her my gift (which was composed of a hand-written letter and a customized cassette wallet) and ate. That’s what I came there for! The food! And also the company and the music and all the things along those lines.

I won’t mention who came and who did not because you don’t know them, so why bother? But I promise to post something about my gorgeous friends, TB.

We talked (and ate) all night. It was relaxing to be with the persons you know you can be yourself with. Where you can shed all of your pretences and just be who you are (which is loud and happy). I am always happy when I’m with them. They complete me.

Oh, the pictures you are waiting for? It’s a scam! LOL. It’s just that the one who took pictures just uploaded one photo (where I look so dark and ugly). Someone should’ve brought their camera (Ahem Arianne! Ahem!). Oh well, at least I enjoyed myself. Till next time sissies! Much love!

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