Rapid Fire Series


Ever heard of The 39 Clues? It is the hunt for the most powerful thing in the world which I believe I mentioned before on my post about the latest instalment of the Cahills vs Vespers series (LINK!). I have found a miniseries based from the big series. Laugh! It was a silly joke.

So, the Rapid Fire Series was based from the real series. It was composed of the in between adventures of Amy and Dan as they go along in finding the clues and until the time that the Vespers started to show themselves.

You can finish the whole series with in a day. Or less. Literally.

Here are some lines I’d like to share.

“How am I supposed to get any better at making you sound like a loser if you just do all the work for me?” –Dan, Legacy

Oopsy Daisy. I haven’t got the chance to download a functioning Rapid Fire 2. Sorry

On the other hand, there were no funny remarks at Rapid Fire 3 because it was a Vespers perspective, which says something about the Vespers. They don’t joke around. And if they do, it was about someone’s life on the line.

“Why don’t you go shop for a private island or something?” –Ian, Crushed

“Smart people books are heavy.” –Madison, Turbulence

“If I want to get bored, I’d read Amy’s diary again.” –Dan, Invasion

“There’s menu to plan. And maids to fire.” –Natalie, Fireworks


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