Wednesday Sweet Surprise

I think this is the sweetest thing I’ve seen (live, not on any television show where the staff put a lot of money into a prod). Or maybe not. It’s just that my jaw ached smiling the whole time I was seeing what was unfolding in front of me.

To be clear, the spectacle was not meant for me (because no one would bother doing things like that just for me).

I arrived 10 minutes early (can you believe it? Me neither) to our PhEd class and saw these white cartolinas pasted on the board. The first one says, “Happy 13th Monthsarry” (yeah, it’s misspelled) and the other was “ Sorry” something. I can’t remember (I should have posted this while watching the the scene but my classmate’s eyes were glued to my laptop screen so I got shy). It was dedicated to Eugene (my new classmate, I just got to know him this 2nd year) by his girlfriend. First, I did not mind the cartolinas because they’re not meant for me (and Eugene and I were not really close) but then our instructor interrupted our Modern Dance Viewing to make room for the surprise/sorry thingy for him. Eugene, I mean. Three girls went inside our room bringing one white rose each. I was confused when the second girl came (they got in like, one at a time) cause I thought that the first girl was Eugene’s girlfriend. Then the third came and stopped in front of Eugene and talked to him. So this is the girlfriend, I thought to myself. She gave him the last white rose. I think they have a quarrel or something. Then Eugene went for his bag and presented the girl three red roses. It was the sweetest thing ever! That surprised the girl she almost cried (I would have cried if I were her). Then he kissed her on the cheek.

I was smiling the whole time. It was nice seeing couples make an effort to show their love to each other. And being proud of each other. It was what struck me the most. The part where no one was shy to show their feelings and their love to one another.

I wish I’ll meet someone like that. It would be really heart warming to have someone like that. Oh wishes, they never come true. Or I’m just a pessimist. Sigh.

I did not got a photo as a souvenir though.

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