Deadlines are choking me.


So this is college. I’ve never been this crammed with deadlines before. My first year was a blur. It’s just recalling high school with a little upgrade in equations packed in a crazy schedule.

I’ve got a speech choir coming up tomorrow afternoon, which btw is a major pain because I am the center of attraction (with my being crazy and screaming and fainting and hugging my crush *sighs happily*). Arc should have done my part but he basically can’t act as a mother so it’s my duty to be the i-lost-my-baby character. Oh, we aren’t even halfway in the piece and it’s due tomorrow so we have to pull it out later or else, were doomed.

I still have a freaky Research assignment for tomorrow and I don’t know how to do it. What is it with instructors who give tests/assignments that they haven’t taught yet? It’s so frustrating when even Google can’t answer the freaking questions.

Then by Wednesday, I’ve got a PhEd midterm written exam. And to make it worse, there will be a practical exam next week about Modern Dance. Way to go PhEd in laboring us with many requirements.

Oh, and Thursday? I have a midterm exam in Humanities in a form of a dance. Cool huh? Nah. To save us more time and energy, we will just have the same presentation for PhEd and Humanities. That’s how smart we are (and lazy). We got all the steps already but we haven’t polished it yet. The formations were a bit off and synchronization too.

And what am I doing right now? Yep, blogging.


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