Twitter-filled problem.

Twitter is getting crowded for my taste.

I’ve been actively using my Twitter account (which has a widget down under) for the past couple of months and I’m amazed by how fast it’s population is growing. I mean, I know it has many users before I got active in it but it is really “trending”, so to speak in Twitter language.

The media is one of the big factors to blame in this outrageous burst of “Tweeps”. As we can notice, celebrities are profoundly advertising their Twitter accounts to the public. Then, avid fans will make a Twitter account to “Follow” what’s going on with that celebrity. The result? Population growth.

I am not against anyone who wants to make an account to “Follow” their favorite star. Go for it! If you really think it’s worth it.

But I’ve got to say that many people are migrating to Twitter and the thing’s getting noisy. I ditched Facebook so I could find peace. But bam! Twitter is not peaceful too, anymore.

I know, I’m ranting.

It’s just that some people who I’m not very fond who are in Facebook are now in Twitter! I can’t even express my feelings without any of them reading it. Sure, my account’s public, but I can’t have them replying to my tweets, or reading them and thinking it was them and hating me for it. It just sucks.

I know that if I post this thing here, someone might read it and get too emotional but I can’t help it. Sorry, whoever you are.

We should all move back to Friendster where games load longer than you’re allotted computer time in the computer shop.

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