Bad leadership skills

Being the eldest gives you a sense of leadership, as they say in Psychology books.

But I guess there is always an exemption.

Why am I whining about this? Because a while ago, we were practicing for our Speech Choir and our leader is sick so someone has to take his place. I refused to be the leader at first because I know that I can’t control them but being a kind-hearted person, after a few minutes, I accepted the offer. I kind of like bossing around. LOL. But after a few minutes, I can sense that my group mates are not happy with what I am doing so I shut up.

But no one wants to take the responsibility. It’s getting late. So instead of polishing it off, we went home.

I feel disappointed with myself. I shouldn’t have acted as a leader. I am no good in Speech Choir. It’s just that I can’t take seeing us like that, no cooperation, no results.

I hope we can pull this off tomorrow. Best of luck to us!

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