Hell Weeks Narration – Week 2

August 22-25 2012

Notice that I did not include 20 and 21 which are Monday and Tuesday. It was because we had our long weekend. It started last Saturday (even though we had to go to school to draw our next project in Shop) until Tuesday. Care to ask what I did? I went home to Pampanga to see my relatives.

As you know, we always go there to spend the weekends. But as we get older, school requirements prevent us from going there regularly, especially now that I have Saturday classes. So we went there after my class. I am excited to go there because I miss my cousins and nephews already. Also, I want to go to SM. But of course, you can’t get what you want.

Okay this is not really related to the Hell Week topic but I just want to lose some steam. Just, bear with me.

That Saturday night, my friend Rochelle asked if I could go to their house tomorrow for a little gathering because it was her 18th birthday. I badly wanted to say yes. But circumstances did not allow my yes. First I’m really tired from the past week because of all the late-night things I’ve been doing. Second, I really want to go to church to give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings I’ve received and for keeping us safe in the midst of the floods. Third, my mom won’t allow me because she did not want me to sleep at home alone. I suggested that I’ll just sleep over at Meme’s house but she wanted me to be at Pampanga on Monday. I also wanted to be at Pampanga on Monday because I heard that that is when they’ll be going to SM. So I’m torn.

In the end, exhaustion won. I apologized to Rochelle for not being there and promised to meet her some other time.

On Sunday, I went to church and after that, I watched TV for five long hours. At that time I realized that I should’ve come to Rochelle’s house after all. I should’ve been eating and talking and enjoying myself but instead I’m glued to the TV screen watching some crap.

But it did not end there.

The next day, Monday, the day I thought we’ll be going to SM, my mom asked me if I wanted to go with her to visit the father of her friend in the hospital. I said yes because I’m so bored at the house and I thought that after we’ll be going to the mall or something. Also, I thought that we could go to my Orthodontist’s clinic after. But of course, I was wrong. We just stayed at the hospital until Dra. cancelled on me and my tummy started rumbling so loudly that no one could deny me some Mcdo fries and cheeseburger. We went back to the house and I feel like a total waste. To make matters worse, my Aunt told me that my cousins went to SM while I’m gone.

Long weekend? I did not felt any of it.

August 22

Did I mention that we slept over at Jazille’s house?

Rewind to Tuesday.

I left the house at 9AM to go to the Orthodontist. She changed the color of the gomas in my braces to black and I went straight to Dinalupihan. I already brought my book on Constitution when we went to Pampanga but I had reviewed nothing because I’m not really in the mood and the children are noisy. I had to review while traveling to maximize my time. I have to go to Jazille’s house to review for our Differential Calculus midterm exam tomorrow. Oh, and the Constitution exam is tomorrow too so we’ll have to review that too.

We have to memorize the Preamble, Article 1, Article 2 (Sections 1-28), Article 3 (Sections 1-22) and all the related Provisions for our midterm exam in Philippine Constitution. Just FYI.

I got there at noon and ate some burger I bought somewhere. We mostly talked about our long weekends instead of reviewing and memorizing (she went to a debut last Saturday where she had to wear a dress) until two of our classmates came. We focused on Calculus because we can’t memorize anything when we are talking to each other.

After some time, it got dark and came the idea of a sleep over. Why? Because we, the ones who are near Jazille’s house (Mae and I) don’t have any notes in Calculus while Ansper has complete notes. Also, we could quiz each other out to practice. But Ansper’s parents declined to let him sleep over at first. It took us some magical powers and some dancing routines to get them to say yes. In the end, Mae was the one who was not able to sleepover (Madee too). Ansper borrowed my brother’s clothes because he’s not prepared. And yeah, that too. You know what I mean. *winks*

Was it productive, you ask me? No. I just slept. I’m so tired in traveling and my newly adjusted braces were giving me a major head ache.

The next day…

We went to DFS to practice for our PhEd practicum (the same one as the one we did in Humanities). We changed clothes and performed.

I did not enjoyed performing that time because no one’s watching, even our teacher. It’s like were just wasting our time.

After lunch, we were told that out midterm in Calculus was rescheduled for tomorrow. Talk about disappointing. They said that the room we were supposed to use was too cramped. It will allow cheating competitions.

You want more disappointments? Here. The Constitution exam was also rescheduled.

But in truth, I was relieved for the reschedule-ment of the Constitution exam (definitely not the Calculus exam). It was because I was only able to memorize the Preamble. I am very relieved.

We went to the library after that to borrow books in Constitution. Here’s a tip, jot down notes. It’s hard to review something if you don’t have any notes. Anyways, we borrowed the books that contained the related Provisions and went straight home.

I pulled an all-nighter to review for the Constitution and for the English exam for tomorrow.

August 23

Today was loaded, that was for sure.

First, the 9AM midterm exam in English which I sucked. The reviewer I made last night did not cover some of the notes in the Powerpoint presentation. I just hope for a passing grade.

Next was a Physics lesson blur. I can’t seem to focus on anything because my mind was busy arranging all the Sections I memorized last night. Imagine memorizing 50 sections (okay, I only memorized the 28 Sections for Article 2. I planned on memorizing Article 3 on lunch time) and a National Territory Article and the Preamble. Brain Freeze.

I spent lunch memorizing Article 3 and all the related provisions (I think there were 30 related provisions). I’m not feeling confident about the upcoming test but I should think positive. You know, Law of Attraction.

I took the test (which was so not an all-essay type test, as what my instructor imprinted on our minds) and to tell you the truth, it was easy. Some parts I don’t know, yes, but it was relatively easy that the one I envisioned. Oh well, goody.

Calculus time! Not. Again, it was cancelled. Our instructor got lazy, I guess.

August 24

8AM Physics class with an assignment (which I did not finish) was my breakfast. I was late. No biggie because we just checked our past assignments. I guess I got a 10 over 13.

2-hour lunch and an EDraw class. We did not want to attend that class anymore because we want to practice some more in Calculus but our Sir insisted. He said that he’ll only give us an assignment, which he did and it was pretty hard to find in the internet (they say). We stayed there until it was time. I practiced a little just to warm up.

Then the long wait ended. The test begun. It was also easier than the one I envisioned. She just frightened us.

Freaking expectations.

August 25

Last test for the midterm! Hooray! This one’s easy. I finished it in 5 minutes. *evil laugh*

We went to SM Pampanga after to reward ourselves. I’ll post the pictures. Heehee.

I’m sorry this got this long. Thanks for reading though! 🙂


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