Irish’ 18th

Irish Kristine Oliveria was my former classmate in high school. We were together in Edison but then we got reshuffled. We were pretty close when we were in Edison but after the reshuffle, not that much because we don’t see each other often. But we still talk when we can.

Now, in college, we always see each other because we are in the same building and also, we have the same instructors. I talk to them (Irish, Badette, Ginia, Danica, and Rexie) a lot. I’m friendly that way. LOL.

Enough introductions. I was surprised when she asked me (via Facebook messaging) if I could be one of her 18 shots (she even assured me that it’ll be only Sprite). I did not hesitate and said yes. It was always a pleasure to be part of someone’s 18 something. It only means that you are special to that person.

The thing was, it’s a dinner dance party and we were supposed to be dressed in semi formal. I mean, what the heck is semi formal? I don’t even know what that means! I’m such a boy. Anyways, I have to look somewhat presentable so my mom and I shopped for something semi formal (we shopped also for Pat’s debut on the 29th).

On the day of her birthday (October 27th), I got nervous and planned to back out. My reasons? First, I’m terribly shy. The only persons I know there were my 1st year high school classmates and they are with their 2nd-4th year high school classmates. Second, I’m not comfortable in my skin. Third, no one’s gonna groom me (as if I’m a freaking dog). I mean, it’s a dinner dance party and I’m gonna go there looking like I just got up from bed? I’m not that kind of pretty. Lastly, I’m terribly shy.

But of course, my mom won’t let me waste the dress we bought so she insisted that I come. She even asked my father to call me and make me come too! They’re a fantastic team, the two of them. So I went, wearing my semi formal sleeveless gray dress with lace and my dark blue cardigan (cause its Ber months and it’s getting cold). I wore my flats (even though I bought a pair of wedge shoes) because I really don’t want to stand out.  My mom curled my hair but I tied it in a bun because the curls made me look like Marilyn Monroe.

I even saw Loven while going to Villa Amanda. He’s getting handsomer. LOL.

When I got there, I asked Badette to accompany me because Arra will be late (org meeting). I saw Royce with her and I joined them. We entered the room and there were their friends (well, some are my friends). I felt out of place but only a little. They were pretty welcoming compared to other people. We had small talk and it was fun.

When it was time for me to go in front, I was nervous. But I managed. It’s just that the “Sprite” was replaced with “White Wine”. I did not finish mine.

Then we ate and got in the photo booth.

I got a ride from Arra’s dad. Good thing I got one because it was past curfew when they party ended and I’m not a legal adult, yet.

Here are the pics! 🙂

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