School Stuff

So far, so good. I’ve been taking my classes for 3 weeks now (2 weeks actually). Classes started last November 7 but because of the messed-up enrolment process, classes did not start until the 12th.

I mean, classes really were on the 7th. I even went to Trade that day to check if there were really instructors who will conduct classes. But no one came. We went home that day and decided to not attend the next day (I went to my orthodontist that day) and the next day. I got a message that there will be a class on Shop so I went that Saturday to school at freaking 7am. Our instructor just explained something that day.

The next week, we actually met our instructors. I was even late on our first class on the 12th. They all started their lessons (except for our Physics instructor who haven’t met us yet until now) and they were pretty easy. I was just a bit uneasy on our Rizal subject. I think I’ll adjust soon.

This week, we got three quizzes. I think I aced two of them. I’m not feeling good about the one in Rizal, though. But I did my best. I told you, I’m still adjusting.

The only thing that’s bothering me now is that I want to change my Shop schedule from 1pm-7pm to 7am-12nn.

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