The Twins Turn 18

Sarena Joy and Sarah Joy are twins (obviously) and they turned 18 last November 8 (and RR too). But they had their party last November 17th.

A little background, I met these two in high school. Sare was my classmate from first year until the fourth. Sara was supposed to be my classmate but on the first day, they changed rooms. And the rest, as they say, is history.

But I think not. We’re not too old to right history yet.

Anyway, we became friends and until now, we’re still like that because I’m loyal like that. LOL.

We were on different schools but we manage to talk and tweet (Follow me on Twitter! Hihi) and Skype and see each other sometimes.

Done with the background, as usual, we met at Rogine’s house and I’m very happy to say that Liza and Maine joined us this time. I miss those Imbas so much. Then we (me, Arianne, Jennica, Jennica’s cousin, Rogine, Liza, Maine, Maicah) went to BES and waited for the others to come (Bea, Maybel).

I was very glad to see Ma’am Vilma and Ma’am Dang (with the very active Nicole!). And other HS classmates and friends were there too. It was fun.

I was part of the 18 Gifts and thank goodness we were not required to give a little message. The crowd is big and I don’t really want to stutter or eat my words.

After the party, we spent the night at Ilaya. Some swam but we just talked and bond. Some of the Darwins were there.

In the end, I am happy that I am with my friends even if we’re not complete. I wish we could do this more often.

Here are some pics I got on Facebook. Hahaha.

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