The last of the bunch with the three-same-number dates, 12/12/12. And here I am, waiting for some kind of magic to happen.

But I felt none. So far. Except for the delicious Corned Beef I had.

Since this is the last, I’ll make a tiny wish. I wish for happiness. Pure bliss. Not a tad of sadness. Just for a day. Someday.

Moving on, this is the first day of my Christmas Vacation. Well, not officially because there is still an event going on at Trade called the CEA Fest. I did not care to attend because I want to save some. You know, for my goddaughters and godson. So here I am, waking up at 11am, eating until 1pm, singing “Blow Me One Last Kiss” by P!nk for the nth time, blogging, and simply living the life. In short, “Tambay” Mode.

I know this will not interest you but I’ll narrate anyway. Taray! Hahaha. So some more school stuff, if you may. We finally met our Physics instructor, Engr. Adonis Gamboa, who lives up to his name. You know what I mean. *giggles* He’s so handsome! *another giggling fit* But he’s not that good of a teacher. Sorry Sir Don! It’s just that his teaching skills were not even close from our last Physics instructor’s skills. But I’ll give him an A for effort (and an A++ for the looks). Also, he gives monster quizzes (okay, we just had one quiz yesterday and I’m a little bit exaggerating). He made the last row face the wall, made all of us remove our IDs and the cover of our calculators and the all so cliché tandem of one-seat-apart and if-you-look-to-either-left-or-right-I’ll-get-your-paper-immediately. I guess that’s what you get when your instructors are newly Board Exam passers.

We had a few quizzes here and there which I’m not that nervous (except, of course, on Integral Calculus). I’m acing my Speech subject, the recitation part, but not the attendance part because I’m late (again!). And here’s the catch, if you get late, you’ll recite in front of the class the reason you are late or you’ll make an impromptu speech about something. It’s a good thing I’m not that bad in grammar and speech, or else I’m done.

I’m a bit nervous about my last plate. I think I’ll get a 70. *sighs*

On the brighter side, at PhEd we played bowling! It was my first time and I had so much fun! I lost on the second game because the bowling ball always goes to the side and it rolls on the canal but I managed to win on the first and third game. I plan on going back there on the bowling alley with my friends on some other day before Christmas.

Also, we had this bonding time after our last game in bowling. We went to McDo for lunch and ate there. We were 20+. That’s the biggest lunch I shared with them with. I was so happy! Then we went to Wonder Park and played this game of not letting the other player make a goal on your side. I played with Mel and I lost with 3 points on his 4 points. Not bad for a first timer eh? We went to DFS park after then played some more. We played this time the 7-up as they call it. But we changed the number your hand is supposed to go above your head so I guess it’s not 7-up anymore. It was fun (but a bit on the silent side) because many participated. I lost twice, I think. It was a game of concentration and I always lose my focus. Whatever. Haha. We played until 6pm and the boys even accompanied us to the Terminal. Sweet huh?

I guess that’s it for now. Ciao!

I’ll be posting tons of book reviews soon. And if you have a book in mind to share, you can comment so I’ll be able to read it. I’m having a hard time looking for books right now. I’m getting bored with the same stories. Ugh. My fault.

We’ll be having a Christmas Party on Friday at Villa Amanda with my classmates. I hope to have a good time. I’ll be posting some more on this topic soon.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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