Guardian Angel

Don’t fret. This post is not really about an “angel” angel. I did not have an otherworldly encounter with an angel, yet. But I’ll inform you, beloved readers, if there is one.

Anyway, this post is about my creativity.

Shocked? Don’t be. I have a little of that in me. I guess.

So, as a school project (sort of), we were asked to make a drawing/painting or anything artsy in PhEd. As you know, I don’t have a kink in the drawing department so I was very glad when Ma’am De Guzman said that we could do cross stitch. I was like “Phew, this would be easy”.

My Mom and my Aunts used to cross stitch and their works were framed and displayed at different houses. I guess I got my talent from them (sort of). My first work was of an angel that I finished when I was in elementary (it is displayed at my door). My second work was a cute duckling that I gave to someone. The third one was unfinished. I got carried away and bought a big Moon Fairy and was not able to finish it. I got lazy (sort of) and busy. I last touched it when I was in high school.

To start with my project, I bought supplies at Arnea’s. They got pretty patterns but I have to make something as big as a 1/8 illustration board. It was hard and I nearly gave up when I saw the Guardian Angel II. I bought the proper threads and went to work with it.

It was supposed to be passed before the Christmas break and I was not up for the schedule. Then Ma’am De Guzman moved the deadline until next year. So I was like “Phew” again.

The Guardian Angel required tons of patience and a helluva back pains to finish. But I managed. And I think I did well.

I’m hoping to get a decent grade from this. Fingers crossed.

Here’s the finished product. Heehee. 😀

ImageTop View. LOL.




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