ME-2B (to be) Outing

We’ve done another outing last semester with my classmates at Raven Resort but I did not posted anything ‘bout it because I do not have any pictures and I got lazy. What we did back then was a basketball competition (which we lost but at least I scored 2 points) then went swimming until the evening. (There were even La Salle mechanical engineering students who had their tour in Subic and went to Raven to have an overnight stay.)

This time, we had our outing at Villa Amanda Resort last December 14. It was a mini Christmas celebration also because we were going to exchange gifts. Pretty fun, right?

So I went there after 9am (even if we were asked to go there before 9am) and saw my four classmates staring into space. They were early because they were the ones who paid for the cottage. Gradually, my other classmates came and by, I guess 1pm or so, we were complete.

What we did?

We swam, ate, and played. When lunch came, some were dripping wet and some are not. So we had our lunch when the main dish was presented. Our lunch consisted of Menudo, Lechon Manok, Shanghai, and rice. (Of course I had to elaborate, don’t hate.) It was delicious! The Menudo was savory, the Lechon Manok was so tasty, and the Shanghai was so crispy (and the rice was so white). We were full by the end of lunch.

Then we played a few games. Some played Pinoy Henyo and when the time was up and the pair did not guess the answer correctly, someone was thrown into the pool. As a distraction to the guesser, someone was spraying water to his/her face. A pair won and got some cute prize (it was wrapped in cellophane and a red ribbon). The next game was the who-will-finish-the-yoghurt-first. Jason bought these yoghurt sticks that were 15 inches long and (I guess) a millimeter thick. It was hard to get all the yoghurt out because the sticks were so thin. So we had six players and Bhee Jay won (you know why).

Then we changed clothes and swan until late afternoon.

Oh, Jazille and I accidentally wore the same shirt when we went to the Resort. Big coincidence right there.

On our second snack, we had Pancit Palabok and Puto. Yum!

When some were threatening to go home, we exchanged gifts. I got “Wonder Park” who was Karen and bought her a Egg pouch (just as she requested). Someone picked my codename “Alimuom” and bought me a blue ticking wrist watch.

We swam some more (and sang at the Videoke) and went home at around 7pm.

It was much fun than the last outing (sorry!) because it’s not too hot and the attendees were fun to be with. And we had lots of food! I was so full but drained at the same time went I got home. I was full of happiness and drained of energy. Oh, so lame of me to say that.

Memories. 🙂

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