Plates Overload

The con of being an engineering student, drawing.

I sure did not sign up for a drawing subject. When I decided to take up Mechanical Engineering, I was not aware of the drawing thingy. I thought that was just for Architecture studs. That’s the main reason why I did not picked Architecture.

I was born with only a bit of inclination in art. I’m one of those appreciating types, not the makers of the things that the appreciating types appreciate. I’m lousy with colors. I’m pretty dumb in sketching and other forms of drawing. I can only draw a stickman. I have shaky hands. I don’t have the patience for drawing, to say the least. I’m just, not the artsy type.

After presenting the evidences, I am pretty proud to say that since the 1st semester of my 1st year in college, I got a 2.00 in our drawing subject. Not bad.

We got four semesters of drawing and this sem’s the last. But I think the subject’s getting clingy. Or is it the professor?

Our prof instructed us to make 3 plates a week. THREE PLATES A WEEK. THREE. PLATES. A. WEEK. Yep, THREE PLATES A WEEK! You see what will that do to my barely passing drawing grade? Ugh. Just, ugh.

I can finish one plate in two hours. Another evidence of my artistically-challenged self. And three plates would cost me 6 hours of my existence. Last week, I started making at 11PM and finished at 5AM. Forget my circadian rhythm.

This week, I have to finish two because (thank heavens) I finished the first one last Friday. So good luck to me and my sweaty palms.

I have tons of book reviews to do but I think I’ll post them this vacation.

I am having a very hectic and jam-packed Final term what with the demanding Final exams requirements so I’m kind of busy. I’ll update you as soon as I can.


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