Looks are Deceiving

This post is entitled Looks are Deceiving slash I So Hate Physics I’m Gonna Die. Another one of my unending rants about the unfairness of the world we live in.

Looks are really deceiving. I know a lot of people will agree with me on this. We always see those persons gifted physically but are a total waste of genes. I mean, yeah, you’re so pretty / handsome I want to be like you but your attitude outshines all the beautiful things about you. You’re mean, you ridicule people, you step on them as if you were the boss of them, you boast just about everything, you talk like trash, you cuss a lot, you wear trashy clothes which left nothing to the imagination, you act like you’re innocent but you’re not, you pretend to be nice but inside you’re just a rotten tomato.

Met someone like this?

Okay, my thoughts are all over the place and I don’t think if what I’m saying is coherent or not but let me tell you a story.

This happened just this morning. I was on my Physics class busy listening to our gorgeous instructor. Then all of a sudden, he asked who got this score and that score in our midterms exam. He said that those who got a low score can save themselves if they can answer his question. He asked us to prove that V/m = N/C. I got a low score in our midterms exam so I went to the board and proved what has to be proved. I was pretty confident with my answer because I already calculated it in my mind. I wrote my solution on the board a bit haphazardly because I was nervous. My Physics grade depends on my solution, for crying out loud. After I wrote my answer, he said something I don’t remember but I was sure it was to say that my solution is wrong. THE HECK JUST HAPPENED? I was sure my answer is correct. He wrote his solution and mine and his were nearly identical. But mine was wrong, he said. WHAT THE? He even asked the class if he could give me have the bonus points. The hell with your bonus points! You can eat your freaking bonus points! Just because I did not write the solution the way you wanted it, it’s wrong? What are you, oh Mr. Perfect? And what? We should do everything according to what you like? Not a freaking chance!

I so totally hate him.

And here’s the best part, he’s not even a good instructor! He discusses this and that and gives hard examples and even harder quizzes. I know he’s not a teacher but a licensed engineer but can you please at least teach a little more responsibly? He treats us like we were licensed or something. He gives difficult everything! Also, on quizzes, no this, no that, no this, no that! Then when we get our tests, we always have low scores because we did not have the COMPLETE, I really mean it, COMPLETE solution. One of my classmates even got a 0 because HE DID NOT BOX HIS FINAL ANSWER. I mean, sadist much? And boxing the answer was not in the instructions he gave either.

I know we had an easy Physics class last semester and I think we’re not that adjusted yet, but this is outrageous! ISA ITONG KALABISAN! See? I even spoke Tagalog on my strictly English-languaged blog.

I just hated being humiliated in front of the class. I also hated the fact that I am wrong in spite of my confidence in my answer. I hate him more when he asked the class how many bonus points he will give me then he looked at me and said “Galit ata siya”. I bet there are no bonus points to begin with. He doesn’t know my name, how could he add those points in my score. Oh crap. Being humiliated for nothing.

I was one of those people who did not say things that are too mean to him even if he’s not around. I get good grades on him, not perfect but passing, so I don’t have anything bad against him. But after what he did? I don’t think I’ll look at him the same again.

I know I’m being exaggerated but I can’t really get on with my life without spilling my guts. I really hate it! What made it worse were my classmates who are “sympathizing”. I already hate the situation and they kept on mentioning it and saying it’s okay. IT’S NOT OKAY, OKAY? You don’t felt what I felt. I felt so angry I want to cry. I want to talk back but I can’t because I still respect him. I want to defend my answer but I did not because I know I will never win against a teacher.

I never win.


PS: To my instructor, sorry for the harsh words but I mean them. Sorry.


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