Happy Anniversary!

No. This is not a relationship thingy anniversary. Sorry to get your hopes up. And mine too.

“Happy Anniversary! You registered on http://WordPress.com  1 year ago! Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!”

Time really flies so fast! I did not realized a year had already passed since my very first post here in WP. I think it was a movie review about “Unknown”. I still remember how long I drafted that post. I just wanted it to be perfect. I finished it in two or three days, I guess. It was not a very reliable review because it was a beginner’s work but I am proud of myself for making myself go out there and post a review that I made for the first time. And it’s in WP to say the least.

After that first post, I wanted to post a review everyday of the movies I watched. It sounded so exciting that time! I even strung words in my mind that I will put on my movie review posts, supposedly. But laziness got the best part of me and I just posted two movie reviews. It’s a shame I did not continue writing reviews about movies that I watched because I tend to delete them from my laptop then I’ll forget about them and when I see them again on the internet, I’ll download them again. It’s such a hassle.

Why did I created this blog?

Hmm. At first, I was just gonna try it out. I mean, how cool is having a blog? Many people have tumblr, Multiply, Blogspot, etc and I tried to go with it. I made a tumblr account (which is totally rotting right now) but got confused on how it works. Okay, I’m that dumb. I was never wooed into making a Multiply account because it sounds complicated. Well, for me. As for Blogspot, I only discovered (okay, three cheers for my treasure hunting self!) it after I made my WP account. It crossed my mind to make an account on Blogspot but I realized I can’t maintain it and comparing the two of them, I prefer WP more (clingy mode on). I’m just too lazy to make background designs, headers, and all that creative stuff. I know they also have preset themes on Blogspot but whatever.

Another reason is that I’m a talker. I like to speak. I like to talk. I like to imagine stories. I like to share experiences. I like to read. I like to write. I like to critique. I like to do all those things and where to do those things best? A blog! I started it thinking of all the amazing stories of my life that I can share with everyone who are patient enough to read a blog of a nobody. I started it to stand as a confidant when I am at my weakest and I don’t have anyone to talk to but myself. I started it to let myself be unburdened by all the ramblings and mysteries that lies in my head. I started it to write my struggles and challenges down and analyze and see what I need to do to overcome them. I started it to let loose. I started it so I could improve my writing skills. I started it to be happy by the fact that I (my freaking self) am able to write decent posts that people read and appreciate. I started it to feel the lightness that talking to other people about your troubles brings you. I started it to become another person. A blogger. A freaking blogger.

As for the book reviews, it comes with my addiction with books. I want to share all the good things I loved and bad things I hated about a certain book. I always talk of the good books I’ve read to my friends and recommend it to them so writing book reviews on this blog is like recommending another good book to one of my friends. I know the posts were biased and a bit vague at times but I just relay what my thoughts are after reading a book. I also have a certain genre that I often read from so maybe many cannot relate. I may be a love story sort of hater but I like a little dose of it sometimes. It makes me believe in some impossible things.

I also made this for my rants! Never in a day will I have no rants. It’s like its in my genes. Kidding. I just want to dissect every inch of unfairness in this world and shove it to my face. But at the end of the day, being understanding always win.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I made this to make a room for all of my (I really mean all) of my vanity pictures. You know I can’t just put them anywhere in fear of utter humiliation. At least if they are in my blog, no one will ridicule them. Much.

What else? Yeah. I made this to escape. 🙂

So~ Happy Anniversary to me and my ever gorgeous blog peybonaccisequence and may we continue our relationship and last forever.

Laters, baby. ❤

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