Sickly Little Girl

I am not sickly. Not exactly. I was pretty healthy even if it does not show in my body. I have great stamina, I must say. I have tons of energy because I eat a lot (and always). I take vitamins, if I can remember to take them. I have a pollution free environment, sometimes. And I always go to nature trips, well, I go to my Grandpa’s farm to unwind and relax at least once a month. So the question is, why am I becoming sickly?

It started before the year 2012 ended. I posted that I was sick on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, right? Right. And I thought I was getting better and stronger. Sure, I get colds every morning but they tend to go away by the end of the day. But I can feel my body is getting weaker. I dunno.

Blame it on staying up late doing nothing.

Okay, I am doing something. I surf the net and when I get bored, I read my e-books, while lying down. Is that bad? My mom always scolds me when I complain about any pain and she always blame my staying up late routine. I guess she’s right.

Just this Valentine’s Day (what is it with getting sick on holidays?) I got flu. I don’t know if it’s really flu. My body aches and my throat’s itchy and I had major colds. I hated it. I had to skip class that day. And my colds still here until now.

I am starting to hate 2013. I don’t want to but I’m having really bad times this beginning of the year. I know it’s my entire fault but sometimes I have to blame others just to feel good about myself. People usually do that.

Ugh. I don’t want to be sick anymore. 😐


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