PE Fest: The Outcome for ME – 2B

We were prepping for this thing for months. PE Fest is a requirement for most second year students who have PhEd. It’s a competition wherein all sections must join and perform a routine based on the year’s theme. The winner gets to win a trophy and bragging rights.

This year’s theme is Hip Hop and Ballroom Dance. We got the Hip Hop thingy.

We hired one of my classmates as our Dance Instructor. He’s part of our school’s dance crew. We practiced almost every day and we got it until the last day before the competition.

The day of the competition (March 1), we lost.


I was so sad I just want to go home, lie down, and cry. But I guess that’s a part of competing, the losing part. I was just disappointed because we received good feedbacks when we were practicing.


But at least we did our best.

In my heart, we were always the winner!

Video via Facebook.

I’ll try to upload a more clear video soon. 🙂

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