Before My World Ends

This particular post is entitled “Before My World Ends” (I don’t know why, it just sounded good) slash “Celebration of the Losers part 2 Sort Of”. Roller coaster-y huh?

Let me break it down to you (with matching Sue Sylvester tone and accompanying facial expression).

The before my world ends thingy has something to do with my on-the-verge-of-suicide-like grades. Well, if my grades hypothetically fail, my world will end, right? I mean, no scholarship, no extra money for miscellaneous fees, no kind-of income, no school. That sort of things that happen in whatever order. If my grades fell of the cliff, I’ll stop studying (this is me cutting the crappy explanation short).

The celebration of the losers part 2 sort of part (part, redundant much?) has a connection in this roundabout blog post.

Let’s start this thing up to clear your bedraggled minds.

Last Friday (March 22), we were asked to come to Trade (me beloved university) to get our grades in Physics. You know how I’m on the edge on that subject so I was kind of nervous (well actually I’m not, I just went with the flow, LOL). When we got there (I was panting when I reached our room because I thought I was late and blah blah blah enough with the chit chat), our instructor did not come and (again!) asked us to come back on Monday for our grades.

While hanging out, some decided to come back to Stella Mariz (the beach we went last time on the Celebration of the Losers post) on the next day. I was not with them when the decision was made so I was informed late. I was planning on going to Pampanga that day (March 23) because that was my lil bro’s 13th birthday. On the last minute, I changed my mind and settled on going to Stella instead.

The next morning, they said to be at the Terminal at 6AM but when I got there (surprise surprise boo) only Adrian was there. We were supposed to be on the 7:45AM trip (because the bus leaves every quarter) but everyone was late so we rode on the next hour’s trip. We were still not complete but we let the others go on their own.

At the gate of the beach resort, we waited for Nikki and started walking. The last time we were there, we rode on Nikki’s dad’s car but they were kind of busy at that moment so we (no choice) decided to exercise our muscles a bit by walking. It was (miraculously) not a long walk. We got there after 15 minutes or so then we paid our entrance fees and cottage fee (we did not have the discount we had last time).

Then we waited for the late comers to arrive because the dispatcher of the boats is bugging us if we want to have a ride to the cave. My other classmates were very excited to go cave swimming and they were literally smiling from ear to ear just thinking about it. The late comers came after an hour.

It was already 12noon when they arrived so we ate lunch first. We swam a bit on the shore (it’s still a notch hot) and after a while decided to go to the cave.

We all (elaborate? ‘kay. Me, Mae, Madee, Nikki, Karen, Jason, Adrian, Erick, Deye, Billy, Frank, Mel, Milbert, Jerwin, and Jello) came to the cave. We swam there for 2 hours and more because they liked it so much. Me? It was okay. I enjoyed swimming more this time because the last time, I was not in the mood for a swim. We even got more pictures on the boat and in the cave this time than the last. I think we learned our lesson.

An accident even happened while were in the innermost part of the cave. A snake from the forest above fell down into the water. We were sort of stranded in the rocky dry part of the cave. We waited for the boat driver and his assistants to kill the snake first before we even managed to swim to the other side. It was scary, a bit. But it never crossed my mind that we’ll be stranded there for like 30 days (like what they did to Survivor).

The fun part was the picture taking on the rocky part of the cave on the outside. There’s this rock outcropping that looks like a platform at the side of the cave entrance. It was slightly hard to go to but it was worth it. It provides the best view (but the bestest view was from the rock on the other side of the entrance but that was way trickier to climb) of the ocean. The not-funny part was the scratch I got. It’s stingy.

When we came back to the cottage at around 3pm, we agreed to swim until late in the afternoon. As I’ve said, I swam longer this time. It was nice. They even buried two people on the sand which was funny and gross at the same time.

We went home at dusk because we waited for the sun to actually set. It was beautiful and it will leave you awestruck and speechless. I even got a picture! Yey me (and my photographers)! And this time, I brought soap and shampoo and conditioner (two points!)!

On the way back to the gate, we travelled on the short cut because it was already dark and they way we took in the morning will be pretty scary. It was an uphill walk and it sort of took my breath away (not in a good way) but the view was worth it. You can still see the vastness of the ocean from the highest point in the way back. But it was definitely tiring.

I expected to sleep on the way home but my very loving classmates were never tired and tended to not shut up. The few zzzs I got were very precious.

I got home that night and went straight to bed because I’m very tired and I’m alone in the house so it’s scary to still be awake late in the night.

The only regret I had was that I did not remember to text Jazille that I was coming. Because of me, she did not ask permission to come and was not there. And I could feel that all (well, not all but a few, a more few) of my classmates were blaming me for Jazille’s absence. Sometimes I felt that they’d rather have her than me. Huhu. Emo mode.

Photo dump on the next paragraph!

Oh wait, just a little improvement. I did not edit the photos anymore so I could upload them easily and anyway, the camera we used was not like the last one that produces totally memory consuming photos. But I must admit, they were very clear.

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