Ian’s Birthday

Time to celebrate! I passed Physics and Integral Calculus! YEY! But I was not affected, a bit. I dunno. I think I know I’ll pass in the first place. Like a boss.

So we went to Pampanga for the Holy Week. We always go there in holidays to be with our other relatives. It was more fun there. It’s like “It’s more fun in Pampanga” than “It’s more fun in Bataan” slogan contest.

The added celebration was for Ian’s birthday. Ian is my cousin, just so you know, he’s 8 now and he’ll likely to be a lawyer when he grows up.

It was an intimate celebration. We just went swimming at Casa Planas at the top of the mountain. Okay fine, not the top of the mountain but on the middle of the mountain? Something like that. On the top of the mountain lies the house, I mean mansion of the owner of the resort. Their family was away so we had the chance to go up to their house and lighthouse using the 100+ steps. I really lost some of the home-grown fats I had back there.

It was pretty amazing, to say the least. The view was amazing!

So we swam and went home.

I mean tried to go home.

The tire of the car we were riding got busted so we had to wait for reinforcements. That was a bummer but whatever. I had fun!

Photos soon! 🙂

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