Shatterproof (The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers #4)

ImageAfter pulling some spectacular heists, Amy and Dan have become two of Interpol’s most wanted criminals. So when Vesper One orders them to steal the world’s largest diamond, they know they’re facing life in prison…or worse. But with the Cahill hostages still in peril, Amy and Dan have no choice but to launch a mission that leads them to an ancient city full of dangerous secrets. With a Vesper mole sabotaging the Madrigals from inside, Amy and Dan have to fulfill their enemy’s request before it’s too late. Vesper One has developed a taste for killing Cahills, and Amy and Dan aren’t going to wait to see who’s next. (

Another one of the 39 clues version 2.0 series, another masterpiece.

You can’t really imagine how the minds of these authors create these things. The twists make you crave for more. It’s one of the books that you can’t really put down until you finish it. And when you do, you just want to read the next (even if it’s not available yet).

Equipped with Amy and Dan’s much loved banter and all the adventures and challenges you can’t even imagine, Shatterproof is one another addition to the great series 39 clues.

I can’t wait to read the next!

“Probably not, but it felt good.” -Dan


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