05/12/13 1:20 AM

I was busy surfing the net, greeting everyone’s Mom’s on Twitter a Happy Mother’s Day, grumbling how my stomach is so unhappy right now, thinking I should really get some sleep and rest, stalking, when I came upon this blog site on Blogger. I won’t post a link of it because I just stumbled upon it and I’m not really close to the blogger.

Okay, truth time, I was stalking when I saw it so it was kind of awkward if I post a link of it.

It was kind of a personal blog. More on diary-type posts and it was in Filipino so the international viewers will probably not understand most of what it says. Another reason not to post a link. It was kind of boring for those who don’t want to know the everyday drama that a teenager endures but it has impact. And I was really affected by the few posts I read.

I know this sounds weird to most and you don’t want to really delve into my spiritual life or something but maybe this is your wake up call, just like the blogger to me.

I should have really made this post the first time I started appreciating the little things. This one’s kind of overdue.

I have been experiencing the best time of my newly-an-adult life. I’ve got tons of friends who were always there, a big and loving family who I can count on, an above-average social life, enough money to but what I need, good school standing, gadgets to keep me busy, talents that make me feel proud of myself, food that never ceases, a healthy body that remains the same even when I eat tons, clear eyesight and hearing, not-on-the-verge-of-graying hair, more than enough clothes, bags, shoes, and stuff, a sturdy house, a comfy bed of my own, a functioning brain, a beating heart, and all the stuff that normal 18 year olds have. Do I appreciate all of these? Am I jumping in glee because I don’t have Diabetes? As a matter of fact, no. I don’t appreciate all of these wonderful things the way they are meant to. I just let them be. I have new clothes, okay, so what, I’ll buy new ones next week. I spent a day with my friends, okay, cool, so, we’ll see each other together soon. I did not fail the exam, okay, what’s next?

That was me back then (a few times nowadays), too carefree to care, too childish to know, and too stupid to understand. I was just going with the flow, always going with the flow, afraid to make my own current, my own path. I just take what life throws at me and if I succeed, cool, no biggie. Just chill.

After I lost something important to me, I started to realize that all things come to an end. Nothing is permanent. And we should be thankful for what we have before it’s too late.

Even the littlest of things.

I begin to be more appreciative of life when I started praying again at night. I know it’s stupid for some to pray at night even when you’re an adult. Only kids do that, that’s what they say. But praying at night gave me the connection I badly needed when I was on my worst. This sounds weird but praying gave me the strength to continue, the strength to face life again, and the strength to be the person I want to be. I always start my prayers with thanks. When I was giving thanks, I recall all the blessings I’ve received that day. It makes me go back to that very first smell and touch I had when I woke up and it makes me very thankful that I woke up and that I have another day to add to this wonderful life of mine. I also recall all the stuff that made my day, the delicious food I ate that filled me with much needed energy, the people I met, the shows I watched that made me smile, the people who sent me a message just because they remembered me, the love that I felt from my family, the clothes I’m wearing, the water I’m using to cleanse myself, the air I’m breathing, and all the small things that we often ignore but made the greatest impact on our decisions leading to a better life.

I also become more appreciative when I openly let my senses roam. Just hearing my cousins and nephews call me “Ate Pey” and “Tita Pey” makes me smile. It warms my heart to have them waking me up in the morning so that we can play. Seeing their happy faces make me realize that I am truly blessed. Even seeing old couples makes me smile. It just states that there is true love. It taught me to be more patient. That love comes to those who wait. To appreciate all the memories you shared with everyone you meet and combine them all to shape you into a better person. And when you are ready, you’re one true love will find you and you’ll be together forever.

This thing’s getting out of hand. My thoughts are clearly all over the place. I can’t seem to translate into words all the thoughts that I have. Ugh.

All I’m saying is that, take at least 10 minutes of your time everyday to reflect. To see all the blessings that you have, to appreciate each and every one of it. Even the littlest. And when you do, you’ll realize that you are more blessed than you think you are. You’ll learn that God loves you so much, that you are one special human bean to have all of these great things. And then you’ll feel good about yourself and you can face everything that comes your way.


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