Election 2013 – Before Voting

As a first time voter (yey for being 18 before May 13!) I am having mixed emotions about it. Happy, nervous, excited, name it, I feel it. Being it an automated election (it’s the second year) added more pressure on my shoulders. It’s a good thing I have my Mom (Happy Mother’s Day Mother Dearest!) to help me get through.

I am already familiar with the automated election being it the second year the Philippines will implement it. The last time was successful so I guess they’d stuck with it and also it saves much more time and energy than the Manuel Elections. It also provides less cheating competitions if you’ll ask me. Less voting officers to bribe, you can’t bribe a computer can you? But you sure can hack one. Oh! Just thinking aloud, that’s all. It’s possible, right? If you don’t have a soul.

Anyway, I am having some trouble deciding who I’ll vote later today (I mean 7AM later). It was not new to our neighbors that we don’t actually go out much in the neighborhood so I don’t know any of the local candidates. I just rely on my Mom on those matters. As they say, Mothers know best (clingy daughter). But as for the senatorial candidates, I make it a point to know them more because they have a bigger responsibility and they will lead the country in either success or destruction. Yikes.

I don’t really want to base my vote on whose campaign commercial is the most catchy or whose paraphernalia is more appealing. I’m trying to be mature here, thinking not for the betterment of just myself or my family, but for the people of the Philippines also. I’m trying to see the big picture here. To see what will happen if I vote for him or her. To visualize if the person I’m going to vote for will be perfect for the job.

I know it’s just my vote, one vote. But a single vote counts. You can’t have a million without a penny.

With that said, I set out to find the best Senators that will fill my precious ballot.

This late, no one will find a sane person to talk and argue about these political stuff so I decided to just surf the net for the bios of the candidates. I saw this commercial where they said that you can see all the Senate Candidates and all you need to know about them so I checked it out. It’s from the GMA Network official website. They have all the things you need to know about Election 2013, the news, bios, even precinct finder. It was cool and helpful at the same time.

Scroll, click. Scroll, reads, scratches chin, hugs knees, click. Scroll, reads, thinks, writes, click.

After seeing all the bios of the candidates, I was sure am enlightened into what they have to offer. Now, I just have to decide which one will be the next American Idol…Nah. Which one is the best suited for the position?

Wish me luck! 🙂


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