Demonglass (Hex Hall #2)


Sophie Mercer 16, narrator, wants rid of the demonic powers that send her family amok. Her demon father, head of supernatural Prodigium Council, invites her to Thorne Abbey in England, to learn control, and avoid the potentially fatal Removal procedure. Her best friends come too, vampire Jenna, and Cal, 19, gardener, healer, and Sophie’s official fiancé.

But someone is raising more demons. The students’ island boarding school Hecate (Hex) Hall, run by Mrs Casnoff, is at the center of the trouble. Sophie’s former crush Archer was disclosed as an enemy agent. The Prodigium want him dead; The Eye want Sophie dead. Who can she trust? (

This is way more thrilling than the first one because it has boy drama all over it.

Kidding. It was more adventurous and the odds were bigger than ever. On the verge of stripping her just-discovered power and on the run from the people who wants to kill her, Sophie has more on her plate than most 16-year olds.

I am Team Cal, by the way.

“Cryptic dad is cryptic.” –Sophie

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