If you ever came across my Wish List page up there last on the line, you’ll see that one of my wishes is to have a BlackBerry 9380 (because my phone’s so old, you remember the bulky Nokia 6630 right?). And the time has come for a new cell phone.

Though not a BlackBerry.

The reason is that, BlackBerry, for me, is for the working girls (or boys). They are meant for those who go to the office and have to correspond to every single person in their company. And I don’t have a company, yet. I really love their BBM (even though I haven’t tried it) because it was uniquely theirs and I don’t want to be mainstream (*mock coughs* Samsung) so I would like a unique app in my phone. But I heard that BBM will be available soon in Android and iOS so there’s no point I’m going with BlackBerry (sorry, one less customer).

What I want for my (soon) phone is to be touch-screen. I know Air Shuffle has been available for a while and it’s convenient but I don’t like it. I may love having qwerty keyboard (hello BlackBerry again!) but touch-screen phones have that, though not that physically. And I really love to play Tap Tap Revenge (still a beginner) so a touch-screen phone will fit me. I also want to retire my thumbs from typing in hard keypads. My thumb print is getting vague so I have to stop to avoid losing my identity. Yikes.

Another thing is that I want a competent camera. As seen in some parts of my blog, I am inclined in photography so I would like to have something that can give me photos that are blog-worthy. (I am investing my money on a phone first before I buy a camera.)

Having placed the facts, I now search for the best smartphone for me.

And I opt for Sony’s latest smartphone, Xperia Z.

I first came across Xperia Z when I saw it on ETC HQ where they had a segment introducing the “best smartphone of the summer, the Xperia Z”. I was drooling after that segment, believe me. So I asked my friend who has a Xperia phone if Xperia was no good or not. There came the long process of explaining the specs further, the discussions, the pros and cons, the rivalries, and the price range.

I also went Google-ing and found out that the reviews were good. And I also found a great deal with one online store selling it in a cheaper price (but not class A or something, definitely original).

So I have set my mind in buying (keyword buying) the Sony Xperia Z.

But it’s not always a happy ending, after browsing more, I came across some reviews saying that between the three top smartphones as of now (Xperia Z, HTC One, Galaxy S4), the Xperia Z has the lowest score based on Camera capabilities. I know this is just me being a whiner and not standing on my own decisions but I just want to have the best.

Ugh. Life lesson, you cannot have the best…in smartphones.

Despite the fact that it has the lowest rating and I am whining, I still am going to stick with my own judgment and buy a Xperia Z.

It’s not the apparatus, but the talent behind it that matters, right? Yeah, I just made that up.

Just asking, which color? Purple, Black, or White? Thanks! 🙂


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