Camaro Baby I Love You

I saw a Camaro.

The end. And did we live happily ever after? Sadly no. I just saw one. Not buy one. But in the near future, I’ll think about it.

It’s the first time I’ve seen a luxury car that luxurious. I mean, a Camaro? In Bataan? Never! But I guess the owner wanted to brag his wheels so he drove around town. I’ve seen Mercedes Benz around Bataan but never a freaking Camaro.

I was hoping that it would turn into Bumblebee for a half-second there. But hopes are crushed and were left to rot. But seriously I was waiting for Bumblebee. :>

I am forever a fan of cars but I never got a chance to go to car shows so I’m very happy and blessed to see a car that fancy in action. It even purred when it sort of stopped beside us. I just want to hug it!

I’m totally freaking out and I saw it 3 hours ago and still I’m not in a mood to move on. Loving that piece of metal! I don’t even like yellow in the first place. But I love love that car!

Then it stopped near us at some point. OMG literally 1 centimeter away. Dies.

Trying hard to move on…

Moved on, a bit…

Will stop talking about it. But will dream about it later. Heehee.



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