Still Loving

I was still enamored by my subjects this semester. I recently met our Environmental Science instructor (though she did not introduce her name) and I was glad by the vibe I got from the subject.

She explained that it will be an easy peasy subject if we’re just eager to learn. All the things that we will need to know where on the book she will lend us. Also, we’ll have chapter tests (10) but no midterm or finals exam. We’ll just have term papers and projects. It was quite fun and I know that I will really enjoy this one because it is mostly about environmental awareness and I was actually finding someone who I can talk with about these problems. Call me a patriot or whatever but I really am concerned.

She had us write an essay about environmental problems. I chose Coral Reef Depletion because of the recent news about the ship that “sumadsad” or grazed the reefs. Here it goes.

Coral Reef Depletion, Who’s to Blame?

The Philippines is known worldwide as the “Pearl of the Orient” and the country lives up to its name. filled with white sand beaches, underground rivers, caves, and bountiful aquatic resources, the Philippines is a fave tourist spot for many locals and foreigners alike. It offers many attractions that can only be seen in the country resulting to the rising of the economy in terms of Tourism. But lately, the country is facing a major problem due to the frequent ship accidents that caused the slow but continuous depletion of the coral reefs around the Tubataha area. The authorities are investigating the problem and are ready to take action but the damage has been done. The coral reefs were destroyed. We all know the coral reefs are made from years and years of sedimentation. That is why they are very valuable and hard to replace. Therefore, if these accidents persist, there will be no coral reefs for the next generation.

So who’s to blame? Is it the captain of the ship who steered the ship near the reefs? You can’t really blame them because they claimed it as an accident. Maybe we all have ourselves to blame. Maybe the simplest things that we overlook did this to these reefs. Maybe the simple act of throwing our wastes on bodies of water that eventually flow to the oceans slowly polluted the reefs making them brittle and easy to break.

We all did small things without thinking of the big picture. I think it’s time to start thinking not only of ourselves, but our own environment as well. After all, we were the ones tasked to take care of it.

When I passed my essay, I was happy because our instructor acknowledged my work. She said that we could use it as a topic of our term paper. It really made me smile, thinking that I impressed my instructor on our first meeting! Go me!

I am really looking forward to our next discussions. I know it will be so much fun!


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