Rest In Peace Mr. Team Leader

At around 7:30 PM (July 14), I received a text message from a friend.

*non verbatim*

“Finn’s dead, what will happen to Glee season 5? 😦 #RIP”

I was totally caught off guard by the message. I had to immediately go online to check if it was true.

As I logged on Twitter, I also opened a Google tab to search for some news. But then I saw the trending topics and my heart sank. One of the trending topics (Worldwide) was #RIPCoryMonteith. I just couldn’t believe it.

Cory Monteith played one of the major roles in Glee, Finn Hudson. He was one of the original characters since the show started in 2009. He was an inspiration to many teenagers because of the struggles he had as Finn. And I could confidently say that he had touched many hearts in the process.

I may not know him personally but I can see that he was a good person. And many loved him.

I will miss your voice and your adorably awkward dance moves Finn. We love you!



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