The Why

A little “get to know me more” post for a small personal connection, shall we?

I’ve accumulated some usernames in my few years of internet surfing. The first one I guess would be my still alive and kicking yahoo account.

ImageI’ve been using this since high school. I made this account in a rush because I was just using my friend’s internet that time. I had to pick a username that was totally mine and this is what my creative young mind came up with. The term “pey” is my nickname (which only my friends are allowed to use. It creeps me out when a stranger calls me pey). The underscore part was so in those days so I had to have it. I was actually reconsidering my childhood decisions with this one. Underscores were so hard to type in phones. It’s easiest if they were all letters. Lastly, the term “galilei” was my high school section. So clingy of me.

I still use this on my Facebook and some other subscriptions. But I don’t check it out much so I think it has 30K+ unread messages. Oh well.

The next one I made was on Skype.

ImageI made this one, years ago when Skype was not that hot in the Philippines. I have a bad habit of making an account in every site out there when I was young. Now, I learned to have my standards. The term “pebi” was another of my nicknames (a known one) because people were not that fond of saying the “F” in “Feby” so they just say “Peby” that evolved into “Pebi”. The numbers 03 which was my birth date (April 03) is a typical thing to put on usernames. I know.

I’m still using this as my username in Skype. I even used (keyword used) this as my Twitter username ages ago.

The next one is the latest invention of mine.

ImageThis username was for my DeviantArt account. I am into photography and stuff so I upload stuff there. “iam” is a popular username in many networking sites and to be unique, I added “not” so that it is unforgettable. “phoebe” is a common misconception on my name. When people ask me my name I say “Feby” (fe-bi) and when they write it down it becomes “phoebe”. It is the usual spelling, I guess. “anne” also is a common mistake because mine is “Ann” (without e). So my username basically say that I am not that person, I am not Phoebe Anne.

I’m not active in DevianArt anymore though. I stopped last year because I have my blog to manage.

Next up is my most used username.

ImageThis one’s an evolution of my nickname “pey”. I was making my second account in yahoo when I cooked this one. I want to expand it so I thought of things that may start with “pey”. Then eureka! I found one. Paborito (pa-bo-ri-to) is a Filipino translation of “favorite”. So I changed the first syllable “pa” to “pey” and “peyborito” was born! Nice trick huh. It’s quick and easy.

I’m using “peyborito” for my second yahoo account, gmail account, Twitter, 4shared, WeHeartIt, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and other sites. I use it for almost anything.

Lastly, my beloved blog’s name.

ImageAnother evolution but of the next level, “peybonaccisequence” is my most hard to spell username ever. It’s origin is from “Fibonacci sequence”, the mathematical sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55…). It’s just something I made up. Just like “peyborito”, I just changed the first syllable of “Fibonacci” into my nickname “pey” and that’s it.

I am using this as my blog’s title (hooray for peybonaccisequence) and my Wattpad account.

So I hoped you learned a lot about me and we made that tiny connection, reader. Thank you for your time and don’t mind scrolling some more. Enjoy! 🙂


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