Jireh’s Birthday Treat

Hooray for a birthday treat on a weekday! These are the ones that help me get through weekdays. And on a Monday, I might add. A very good start of the week indeed.

I was actually pressured and upset earlier today because my very unpredictable World Lit prof cancelled our reporting and moved it tomorrow. It was a good thing, sure, but I really wanted to get it over so I could move on with my life. I also feel cheated because I was so stressed this morning (I woke up at freaking 7AM) in finishing that report on time just to have it cancelled in a flash. Poof.

But whatever, I’ll ace that reporting anyway. (Nyahaha. Hope so.) Moving on to a brighter topic, I was so lucky to be invited (or sort of because I just tagged along) to Jireh’s 19th (oopsie, age revealed) birthday celebration!

It’s the first time that I’ve been to the Areniego’s Residence so I was excited. I love new places. We were greeted by her Mom and Dad and the yummy smell of food (of course I could smell that even from afar).

We ate Spaghetti and Cake (I also ate some delish fruit salad and gelatin. I think I was the only one who tried everything! Oh sweet tooth.) It was yummy. I was glad we’re only few because, yeah, more for me! Heehee.

We then studied and finished our Mechanics assignment (which were not able to pass because eenk absent prof) while watching The Ryzza Mae Show and Eat Bulaga (forever fan of both). And went back to school to a boring Enviro class.

Hoping for a fun-filled week ahead! Wish us luck on our report! Ciao.

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