8 Ways To Be Attractive

I will be. Thanks. 🙂

Thought Catalog

Whether it’s single girl seeking eligible bachelor, man seeking woman, or any of the possible combinations, there are definable traits that make a person attractive, wherever you land on the sexual spectrum. Small changes in the way you behave and hold yourself can do wonders for your soul-mate magnetism.

1. Be kind to everyone.

That doesn’t mean drop your wit or your sarcasm, if that’s your thing, but being a cruel snob is not attractive. Even the people that act like jerks don’t act like that when they’re alone with their significant others. If they did, they’d be dropped like the beat in a Monica song (or Simon Curtis, depending on your generation).

2. Be working towards a goal.

Whether it’s working for a promotion, studying to further your education, training for a marathon, or anything else that requires actual commitment, it’s sexy. Maybe it indicates responsibility. Maybe it makes…

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