The Best Day, Yet

*insert Taylor Swift’s The Best Day here*

Inserting a T Swift song because of the title (I don’t really understand most of the lyrics just by listening to it. I was supposed to put the lyrics but the only words I understood were “The”, “Best”, and “Day”. Too lazy to look it up).

Rewind to September 03, 2013.

I was having those days. You know. Just chill. Not much pressure. Going to school late like a boss and sleeping on the said class. A really fine day. Nothing special but a day to be thankful for.

I came to school wondering who might have their birthday today. Someone hinted that there were two celebrants today and my mind kept searching for a name. I knew that Jay R was one but the other was still a mystery. So I asked everyone (almost) if it was their birthday. I know it’s really silly to ask but I just can’t let it go.

Then tada! Bam! The celebrant presented himself to me. I’m too special like that.

I went outside to get some fresh air (cause air conditioning won’t do for a commoner like me, it gives me headaches and some stomach problems). I was joined by Jay R and a few moments more by some. There I learned that it was Armando’s 18th birthday (yeah whatever I’m older than him might as well bully him. Not). He was actually sort of down, thinking that his birthday was not that special (emo mode). Every birthday is special, right? So I said that. He just shrugged.

On the other hand, Jay R invited me (us) to their store to eat for a celebration. I was thrilled! Two days in a row free food? What’s not to love? I was really excited to go because it’s a first and I really enjoy their company (okay, for the food also). I totally said yes.

Then we talked some more. There are just times that I just love talking to boys. No drama. Just pure testosterone talk. Their bickering was funny and they were kind enough to let me join in the conversation.

The next subject was our much awaited poem reporting. The poem we got was He Walketh By Day written by Robert Hillyer. If you are fortunate enough to have this and you are having a hard time looking it up the net, I am happy to help.

He Walketh By Day

Robert Hillyer

I am Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow,

The Divine Hidden Soul who created the gods,

And who feedeth the blessed.

I am the Lord of the Risers from Death.

Whose Forms are the lamps in the House of the Dead,

Whose Shrine is the Earth.

When the sky is illuminated with crystals,

Then gladden my road and broaden my path

And clothe me in light.

Keep me safe from the Sleeper in Darkness,

When eventide closeth by the eyes of the god

And the door by the wall.

In the dawn I have opened the Sycamore;

My form is the form of all women and men,

My spirit is God.

There. If you need something to add in the bibliography, just click through the title for the link of where I got it. (I actually just typed it in Word so if there are mistakes, feel free to correct them.)

So we reported this in an “unconventional” manner (meaning, with lots of gimiks that we went cray cray conceptualizing). I was pretty happy with the outcome. We (hooray for decent, well, decent group mates) performed it better than what I expected and I think we did a great job. A few blood may have been shed but it was worth it (nosebleed gosh).

Our report paraphernalia.

My happy meter went up a few notches after a well deserved meal of, yeah, everything.

After lunch, we went back for our last subject for the day, Mechanics. I love learning new things in Mechanics. There is no memorizing involved, you just have to know the procedure and you will go far.

While listening (and occasionally chatting with my seatmate), I heard someone asking if we saw his handkerchief. I looked for the owner of the voice and to my utter shock; it’s my 2nd year crush! Wee! I never thought that he’ll have a small voice. Almost like a girl. Heehee. (I still love you baby no matter what! Nyahaha). I stared at him for two seconds flat (not more, or he’ll know my feelings for him) and looked for the said hanky. My seatmate has it and I grabbed the chance to be the one who will give it to my crush. (I really won’t name him. Someone might notice and tell him. I’ll be doomed.) I accomplished my goal and was trying hard not to squeal so loud in glee (still having classes).

I think I was “The” happiest girl in the world in that small fragment of time.

To complete my already perfect day, I went home and was greeted by some newly bloomed orchid flowers.

I also witnessed the prowess of Violeta. Nice, right? I missed taking pictures of anything and everything.

Isn’t it just the cherry on top of my ice cream of happiness for September 03? I guess the number 3 is just, just right. 🙂

I never forgot to thank God for this wondrous day. He made it the best day, yet.

How about you? Is today your best day? 🙂

I was not able to go to Jay R’s though. I had a super full tummy and I have to go home.

Leaving you a picture of me and my mom. Happiness to the nth level!



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