Dumbwaiters and Steam Plants

As every student can notice, hell weeks are coming (with evil laughs for background music). And no one can escape it.

Equipped with the usual load of stack over stack of school work, papers, projects, term papers, and exams, it is one big “sigh” just thinking about it.

As a compliance to the hell weeks, we are required to do tons of things. One would be this plate on Introduction to Mechanical Engineering requiring us to research Mechanical Equipments/Machinery and Mechanical Works, Processes, or Plants. I picked Dumbwaiters and Steam Plants and I thought it would be easy.

I’m actually thinking that I was wrong.

But I will have a positive outlook on this one because it will cost me dearly to fail this. It’s our only, yes ONLY, requirement for this subject for the whole semester.

The stakes are high baby.


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