So What Buttery But

Hell week next week!

Meanwhile, here I am, chillin’ as usual and to make matters worse, I am downloading more (and more and more and more *until fades*) e-books! I’ve missed reading so much! I want to just stop the time and read and read until my eyes are literally popping out of their sockets!

The latest that I have finished is the Harry Potter series. Please. Don’t judge. Anyway, it was the definitely amazeballs! As I know almost everyone know by now, with the movies and the books published ages ago. But the magic is still there, untouched by time.

For now, I have the widest range of sci-fi books. I also downloaded The Lying Game series which I thought I’ve finished reading in high school. I never thought Sara Shepard will write more (and Pretty Little Liars books too!). Moreover, I have the sequels to two of Ally Carter’s series which I know will be full of action. And lastly, I downloaded new paranormal series which I found on Goodreads Choice Awards: The Best Books of 2012.

This will be a long but fun book marathon!

BUT Finals first. 🙂

Wish me luck! Have a great weekend!


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