A Few Steps From Freedom

I am literally hours away from being freed from school stuffs (eg projects, professors, quizzes, exams, plates, engines, documentations, thesis) and I’m like a thread of rubber being pulled tight with the excitement of being released.

I still have to undergo a practical exam in Internal Combustion Engine tomorrow morning and I’m a free man!

A free man for a week, that is.


We’re gonna have our second semester as early as October 29 for our is on the 24th. To complicate things, as complicated as they are already, we will have a National Convention on 23-24. Sounds fun, right?

I need (keyword need) to have my mojo back before school starts again. This will be the toughest semester by far and this will really test if I am deserving to be on my course.

Anyway, I have my copy of House of Hades. Yep, House of Hades. I’m just trying to keep my cool now but I know I’ll start freaking out later. House of Hades, like House of Hades the newest installment of the Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. *gushes* I already forgot what happened before! Must. Refresh. Thy. Memory.

Til next time! I hope I’ll have a “sembreak bonding” post soon. Heehee.

Oh, I’ve posted some photography stuff down below, you might want to check them out. It’s been a while. 🙂

Do pray for Visayas (Philippines) for they have suffered from an earthquake. God bless to all!

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