On The Way

Posting this a few hours before the much-awaited NatCon. Nervous vibes are everywhere!

Though there is a dinner to look forward to tonight. Free dinner, I might add. Time to let the nerves take a quickie rest.

On the bright side, I have accomplished something that I haven’t done in a while. I made a … wait for it … a VIDEO PRESENTATION! Weehoo! Cool huh?

I’ve never expelled too much creativity on something for a long time that it feels so awesome just finishing a simple video presentation for someone you really care about. That’s love, guys! Bringing thee best in you (creatively).

I really thought that I could not pull this off due to the hectic schedule I am having (sleep, eat, sleep, eat, play, eat, sleep) and to the lack of ideas that I am experiencing. But thankfully, my creative genes made their once-in-a-blue-moon appearance and I really love the outcome.

No trailers or snapshots for now.

Wish us luck on the traveling thingyyy.

Much love! ❤

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