Welcome to Balanga City, All Things Sparkly


Last Friday (December 06, 2013) we went to the opening of the Christmas lights and Interactive fountain at Plaza Mayor, Balanga City.

It was jam-packed. The roads going to the Plaza were closed (much to my amazement ‘cause I walked in the center of the road without dying) and people are swarming from all parts. When we got there, it looked like half of the population of Bataan came to see the event. I was told after the show that it was also the concert of the Balanga UTown cast to raise money for Yolanda victims.


The event started at around 6:30 PM with the Dragon Dance. Then they had the cast of UTown sing some Christmas (feels) songs and they showed Letran’s Christmas MV. After a few moments they powered up the interactive fountain. Everyone was enthralled! I was amazed too. I love the colors (though I could teach that fountain a few more steps. Jeez). Three more songs later, they finally lit up the Plaza with Christmas Lights shaped into swirly things that they put on the walls of buildings. We even had a mini New-Year’s-Eve moment by counting from 10 to 1 before they turned on the lights.

1455932_10152147408863185_829960143_n1390759_10152147415053185_187914180_n 1471374_10152147415038185_2040588449_n 1477874_10152147414948185_564070876_n 1504015_10152147412418185_848026472_n1404612_721323894546677_615542322_o IMG_20131206_190149 IMG_20131206_190155 IMG_20131208_173244 IMG_20131208_173435 IMG_20131208_173725 IMG_20131208_201642 IMG_20131208_201732

Oh, and Manny Villar was there to also, introduce the City Library. I went to the Library yesterday (December 10, 2013) and was planning to live there. Seriously. I could read and read and not notice the world turning its back on me. Okay, back to the Library. It was super quiet (just how I like it), cozy, full of fictional books (drools) and textbooks too, have a function hall and a room for kids to play and read, laptops for computer-related researches, and was totally comfortable. I even sat on the floor ‘cause I can’t wait to read everything!

IMG_20131210_095010 IMG_20131210_095048 IMG_20131210_095053 IMG_20131210_095208 IMG_20131210_095702 IMG_20131210_103312 IMG_20131210_103400

Wouldn’t you want to visit Balanga City now?

Shameless plug. Heehee.

Credits to the owners of the photos, Jason De Jesus, Maybel Malixi, and Mayor Joet Garcia.

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