That Feeling Called Love

Love, such a fancy word that everyone can afford.

Did I just write a line of poetry? Nice. I treasure these tiny moments where my creative genes find an outlet to grace the world of its presence once in a while.

Going back to love, where everything originates. The “thing” that started everything but never ends. It is the biggest and most cliché irony of all. You can’t reason with it fairly. You don’t question it, you just let it be.

So why am I delving into the most complicated entity in the universe when I explicitly said that I disdain it two thousand and one posts ago? I don’t know. I just felt doing it in this time of the year, Christmas Day. Maybe because my heart recognized the love that was given and is still being given to the residents of this world. Maybe because I just felt the immense amount of love that was spread.

Or maybe I am just willing my heart and mind to believe in the prospect of it. Maybe I need that little push to open up and let it in. Maybe it’s just me being clammed up. Me being me.

But my faith is still intact and I believe that it will see me through.

God bless us and our hearts full of that feeling called love.


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